Monday, 11 February 2013

Vintage Fairs and Burlesque Jems

Yesterday I got to go one of my favourite places to be on a Sunday...

A Vintage Fair!

This fair was run by Haddon events and Mr P and I were lucky enough to be able to go and provide some music for them. I’m not going to lie, after Saturday night we were both very bleary eyed and more than a little tired. I have never been more grateful for benefit foundation...

Vintage fairs are absolutely wonderful. There’s nothing better than spending your Sunday poking around an amazing array of stalls. You never know what you’re going to find: - Case in point? Remember the happy whales?


Yup, they were a vintage fair find from Cinnamon Bay Ltd – a great little shop that also makes bespoke vintage themed wedding gifts – find them on facebook here.

There’s also the chance to buy some amazing clothes. One of my favourite stalls of the day was Lucy Can’t Dance, a fantastic vintage shop that was set up in April 2012. Lucy Can’t Dance.

Not only has this lady got some amazing genuine vintage items available to buy but she also makes absolutely beautiful garments. You can also order custom made bespoke items. I am very excited about this and am planning on making a BIG order before the rest of the world discovers this beautiful clothing. Check out her website here

There was loads more, vintage tea sets a-plenty, jewellery – I bought this string of vintage glass beads which I love.

There are also stalls offering vintage hair and makeup transformations. One of Mr P and I’s favourite moments from yesterday was when a young girl bought her first 50’s style dress from one of the stalls then visited a makeover counter. By the time they finished she was completely transformed and looked stunning!

The cherry on top of the whole thing for me was the Burlesque Jems strutting their stuff.

They looked amazing; I was completely in awe of them. I hope I can join them up there one day. I think they’re incredible, they looked absolutely stunning and they performed their moves flawlessly.

And a little cheekily...

I’ve talked a bit before about the power of Burlesque and yesterday really brought it home to me. The ladies on stage were confident, fierce and absolutely stunning regardless of their shape or size. They completely owned the stage and the room. As I looked around the hall every face I saw was completely spellbound. They were tantalising without being smutty – as Jem puts it the brilliant thing about her burlesque classes is that you can still make your Nan proud – and really made the day.

I hope one day I’m good enough and confident enough to join these ladies in my basque and frilly knickers. They are still so much braver than me – I will sing on stage for hours but strutting my stuff is still beyond me!

There are many more vintage fairs and events coming up and I really recommend them. You don’t have to be into the vintage life to enjoy yourself – the atmosphere is fun, warm and friendly. Entrance isn’t expensive and it’s a chance to have a look for items that you have no chance of finding on the high street. You also have a chance of seeing Mr P and I doing our thing – occasionally we may even make sense! (The tiredness did not help my speech yesterday).

Keep up to date with upcoming Essex vintage fairs here

For other vintage fairs across the UK you can look here

Mrs P

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