Wednesday, 5 December 2012

let it snow!

Days 22 & 23

I feel a little jet-lagged today....

Mr P is currently working long hours for the post office delivering parcels which means he leaves early, gets home late and is very tired when he does. So, to try and make sure we have a little time together each day, I’ve started getting up with him in the morning for breakfast and a cup of tea.

It’s quickly turned into my favourite time of day. There’s nothing to think about or do, I make Mr P lunch then we sit and have cereal and a cuppa together. The only problem is all this occurs at 5am each morning... and I am most definitely not a morning person. In fact, left to my own devices I turn into a bit of a night owl.

Some mornings, like this morning, I fully intend to take my tired tush straight back to bed as soon as Mr P has bombed off down the road in his red van. However, it doesn’t always work out as I found out this morning when I looked out of the window and I saw....


Snow seems to divide people more thoroughly than marmite into lovers and haters. However I defy anyone not to look out of the window at that unexpected white covering and not think to themselves – however briefly – “IT’S SNOWING!!!”

Snow overrides every sensible adult thought in my head. And I know all the arguments against it – it’s almost always unannounced, causes havoc, is completely inconvenient and lays waste to almost every plan you’ve made... But then the same can be said of Mr P and I still love him!

Also, much like Mr P, snow has a way of dragging our wide-eyed childlike joy back into the fore. This morning, as soon as I saw those flakes falling, I dove into my winter gear, wrestled an uncooperative whippet into her coat and got marching through the streets as quickly as possible.

In the couple of hours we spent stomping around taking pictures (me), eating lumps of snow (little P) and running in circles (both of us) we met an older lady disappointed because she was flying to Thailand with her partner and was going to miss playing in the snow, a family sledging head first down the road, a guy in combat gear helping an elderly couple get their car on the road, a lady running a community service to get the roads clear and countless dog walkers chattering away while their dogs bounced through the snow.

Little P didn’t know what to do with herself she was that excited. Especially when she found a husky to bounce around. At one point she got so carried away skipping down the road she lost her balance and skidded halfway down a hill... she thought it was hilarious.

One of the nicest things about not working a day job is days like these. Days when you forget about worrying and just enjoy the fact that really, you are quite lucky after all. Especially to live somewhere you love.  

Plus the benefit of getting up so early meant I got all my Christmas shopping done in one big hit today! I’ve been trying to make an effort to stick to the local high street and I’ve managed to do so apart from a couple of little bits of internet shopping. I love Christmas shopping and I always get carried away but I think I’ve managed to behave this year!

I have decided though that someone out there is missing a trick. There are always little shops being opened in the run up for Christmas so how’s this for a business idea – A Christmas shop purely selling presents for people you have to buy for but don’t really know what on earth to get them... It could be a little haven of a place filled with the stuff you buy that Aunt that you don’t really know but she always gets you some strange smelling soap. Or the godmother you barely know but she has a cat so you always get her some kind of cat item. Or how about that cousin you’ve barely seen for years but you were both into barbies when you were kids and played together a lot. Or the forever awkward work “secret santa”. My shop would cater for all of that, random bits of toot specially designed to go into a drawer and never be thought about again. Stuff like novelty soap on a rope... a floral handwash... a comedy mug... etc etc etc. Nothing will be over a fiver. 

I think today I've been teaching myself about feeling positive and grateful for the little things. I think it's also about finding the joy. I find joy in havin a little quiet time with Mr P at the start of the day, and in seeing my little P bounce through snow. I get it from finding a really good present to wrap up for someone, and in discovering that tescos have buy one get two free on chocolate oranges.

I guess life is what you make it :)

Last night Mr P and I visited a recording studio run by a good friend of ours. He helped us out with a few tracks which will hopefully help us get a very exciting work contract next year. Maybe things are looking up, fingers crossed! 

It's a fact of life that it's impossible to have your photo taken whilst recording without looking dramatic. It just can't be done. At this point I am actually sound checking by singing "doo be doo doo" in a gremlin voice. Not a word of a lie.

To finish here is a little video which I think sums up my day quite well!

Mrs P

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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