Saturday, 1 December 2012

Getting a clear head

Days 14 - 19

Hello everyone

So, apologies for the lack of diary posts for the past week. After the severe disappointment of last week’s job rejection I decided to get away for a while and take myself down to Bath for an impromptu visit to see my step-sister and her 3 children.

It was great to get away and clear my head for a little while. We had lots of walks in the lovely Wiltshire countryside, cooked up an impromptu early Christmas dinner and spent a lot of time playing with her twin 9 month old girls and toddler son.

I adore children. They’re so full of magic, love and potential. Raising and looking after a child is one of – if not the most – rewarding thing you can do. Watching them grow and learn is an amazing process. I can’t wait for the day Mr P and I are raising our own little brood. Mr P is planning a troupe – I think he plans to turn them into a band like the Nolans!!

One of the best things about the past week has been rediscovering the little things. The fact that a cuddle can fix almost anything. That the ability to tell a great story means far more than any present. That your attention and time is one of the most precious gifts you can bestow.

I think we’re all guilty of forgetting that last one. Particularly at Christmas time. In this economy we all panic at this time of year, worrying about how many presents we have to buy, worrying about the ‘value’ of what we get someone. You can’t help it. How many of us stand wracked with indecision, wondering “is this enough? Do I need to get more?”

Mr P and I don’t have much money for Christmas this year. So, my red lipstick vow is that instead of worrying, this year I am going to give my time. One of the things I have constantly bemoaned whilst being unemployed is the hardship of being stuck at home alone. Maybe it’s time I see it as an opportunity and start using it to its full advantage.

This week has proven to me that sometimes just arriving somewhere with smiles, cuddles and a good ear is enough.

I hope I can hold on to that lesson. 


As Connie Francis last night

Work wise things are picking up. Not the day job side but Mr P and I are starting to get increasingly busy gig wise – February in particular looks to be an exciting month. We played as Buddy and Connie last night and it went down very well – as it always does. I was so so proud of my Mr P; he is a truly talented man.

(I do, however, need to figure out better strategies for dealing with the drunk girls that want a piece of him during a gig. I don’t think it would be very professional for Connie Francis to launch herself head-first off a stage shouting “HE’S MINE!!”)

We also have the possibility of an extremely exciting opportunity later on next year. Maybe all this hardship is leading to something amazing... I wonder.

Keep Smiling!

Mrs P

X x x x x x x x x x

P.S. Last night I ate my last ever McDonalds. On our way home from the gig last night at 1am, starving hungry, we stopped off and picked ourselves up a meal. I have never been so sick! If there are any entrepreneurs out there how about starting up a fast food joint designed for hungry post-gig musicians? We’ll all thank you :)

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  1. You are right Kyla
    Raising and looking after a child is one of – if not the most – rewarding things you can do.