Saturday, 24 November 2012

food glorious food

Day 12

Everyone knows the story of getting married. It goes something along the lines of:

Boy and Girl meet
Boy acts like giant girl and fails to ask Girl out
Boy finally gets his s**t together and asks Girl out on a date
Date is fiasco, Boy completely fails. Luckily Boy gets Girl drunk; she decides he’s not so bad.
Boy and Girl date for a while, Boy confesses his love. Girl panics... but then realises she loves him too.
They spend all their time together. They go to the zoo and centreparcs.
One year in he gets on one knee at Disneyland, she says yes.
They move in, Girl organises wedding. Boy barely survives wedding planning process.
They say “I do”
They live happily ever after.

(This is a generalisation)

The thing is there’s another part to the story. A part that pretty much every couple goes through but is somehow left out of all the rom coms. It goes like this:

They live happily ever after.
Then they start eating. And eating. And eating.
They stop exercising cos hey – why exercise when you have someone to cuddle up on the sofa with right?
Then next thing you know it’s 6 months down the line and neither of them fit into any of their clothes anymore.

Anyone who says they don’t put on weight when they settle down is lying. Or ridiculously lucky. Or lying. For me and Mr P it’s starting to get ridiculous. The thing is we both love food – too much! When I was single I was very healthy, all fruit, salad and vegetables. I barely ate bread, would never touch full fat fizzy drinks and went to the gym 3-4 times a week. Then I met Mr P, we’d go out and order dessert. He’d turn up with cookies and profiteroles and custard. Suddenly I re-discovered this whole food thing I’d been missing out on.

And boy can you tell. I am getting – maybe not fat but definitely chubby. Every person I meet who hasn’t seen me since I got married has the exact same reaction. “Well you look... well. Married life suits you!”
*disclaimer – “well” is a nice way of saying fat.

Anyway we really need to sort this out. I’m thinking about maybe having a look at some of the diet secrets of famous red lipstick icons. I’ll get straight on that.

Right after my breakfast chocolate cake.


Today we are off to the Brentwood centre for a vintage fayre. We’re playing for an hour at 3.15 to promote our show. We’re playing tomorrow at 12.30 as well so anyone around is welcome to come down! Then tonight we’re off on a top-secret little trip to check out something that may be rather exciting – stay tuned!

Mrs P

X x x x x x x x x x x

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