Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I feel pretty...

Day 9

I love this quote! Today I’ve been having a little writers block, up until a few minutes ago I have started, and rejected 3 different blog posts.

Today, I baked rock cakes for Mr P when he came in from work. I think the red lippy is unlocking my inner housewife! I’ve started dusting, doing the washing and baking... 



I don’t think Mr P is complaining. Sometimes when you’re married it’s easy to spend all your time in your pyjamas eating biscuits. (Me and Mr P are steadily working our way through the entire Essex supply of biscuits, we both have a biscuit baby due any day now...).

Wearing my lippy makes me make more of an effort – as I’ve said before. I put on nice underwear, I spritz on some perfume... All this adds up to a happy husband.

And (don’t tell anyone this) I’m quite enjoying it! It’s very anti-feminist but, turns out, making my husband happy makes me happy. I feel desired, appreciated and wanted. Before I started with the lippy my bout of mini depression had me spending all day every day in my pyjamas, never making an effort. But now I look better, I feel better, and my husband likes to show his appreciation.

It also means I get pretty things! Well... a chess set. But it’s a start.

Hope you’re all enjoying life today J

Mrs P

X x x x x x x x x x x x x

P.S. It’s my job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck, I’ll be the one in the lippy.

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