Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to Style Victory Rolls - For Beginners

Hair Styles for the Stylistically Challenged

Today I recorded a few songs with Mr P for a new project we’re just getting started. To get into the right frame of mind I decided the time was right to attempt a gorgeous vintage hairstyle from years ago. Victory Rolls were popular back in the 1940’s during the Second World War. Victory Rolls was the name of a manoeuvre R.A.F pilots would perform in their planes but the ladies back home took the name and turned it into a style to be proud of.

It was an interesting experience. I thought I’d share it here!

Step 1 
to style hair into Victory Rolls.

Step 2 
Pick up comb, feeling confident. Instantly forget everything you just read and watched.

Step 3 
Re-watch video two more times.

Step 4
Split hair into two sections. Feel proud of progress so far. Crazily backcomb first section until you look like half an electrocuted Barbie.

Step 5
Curl hair towards head. Burn fingers horribly on curling Iron. Swear lots.

Step 6 
Wrap curl tightly around one finger towards your head. Get cross at the random bits of hair. Try and tighten the curl – eventually realise you’re curling the hair the wrong way.

Step 7 
Curl the hair the right way. Lie with your head on the floor for a little bit as your arms are burning but you don’t want to let go of your curl.

Step 8 
Finally get first curl into place. Smooth it out then quickly pin it with bobby pins, spray it with so much hairspray you lose sight of the mirror.

Step 9 
Backcomb the hell out of the second section. Get comb stuck in hair. Swear.

Step 10 
Curl hair towards head. Burn fingers horrible on curling Iron. Swear... Lots.

Step 11 
Wrap curl around one finger. Tuck stray hair underneath curl using complicated manoeuvring system.

Step 12
Rest head down again. Have a little cry. Mentally count how many days are left of the Dryathlon.

Step 13
Smooth hair using bristle brush. Use so much hairspray you think you might be causing a shortage.

Step 14
Check out your progress so far. Realise you look a little like Leslie Nielson in “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”.  

Although he does look fabulous!

Step 15 
Curl back your fringe – send husband out for more supplies of hairspray.

Step 16  
Spray your fringe into place. Realise you've gassed the dog with your over-use of hairspray. 


Step 17 
Admire the finished result, feel quietly impressed with your bad self. 

Step 18 
Add red lipstick. Pout in the mirror a few times. Ask Husband to come take a photo of your new hair. Husband says your photo makes you look like Mad-Eye Moody.

Me... Apparently

Step 19 
Divorce Husband

Step 20
Wait for your alcohol free month to finish. Instantly go for Martini’s.


Mrs P

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