Wednesday, 30 January 2013

It's The Final Countdown!

Da Da Da Da.....

So from tomorrow at midnight I can finally drink again after signing up to the Cancer Research Dryathlon for the month of January.

So how has it been?

The first 10 days were really tough. I really missed wine and I found it hard to relax without a glass in the evening. I had headaches (possibly due to a gigantic post Christmas sugar crash) and i was grumpy.

After the first week or so though this eased off and I actually started to enjoy my non-drinking status. Our alcohol shelf started growing dust for the first time since we moved in and I rediscovered a love of lemonade.

I also discovered that I can have a good time without alcohol and my social events don’t need to include drinks. This came as a surprise as many of my previous social events usually included shots. I’ve lost about 5 pounds and my skin is definitely better.

The crazy thing is that I (despite how it sounds) am not that big a drinker. I can go without it. But this month has made me realise just how much I do actually drink – luckily it’s also made me realise that I can survive well without it.

I signed up to do this as a fun way to raise a few quid for cancer research. I personally know three people who have been lost to cancer in the last few years  and a Dryathlon seemed as good a way as any to raise a bit of cash. I was never after a lot but I hoped I’d hit the £50 mark which I’ve managed to do and I am so grateful.

At the start of this I had no way of knowing that I was about to have a little health scare of my own. Nothing major and nothing worth reporting but enough to bring it home that health problems can hit anybody at any age and cancer is one of the biggest health problems around today. If there is any chance that we can find a cure then we owe it to everyone we care about to grab at that chance.

So, what will happen tomorrow at midnight? Will I learn from my month and continue this streak of healthy abstinence?

Will I b*llocks. 

Bring it on!!

If anyone out there is in the mood I’ll see you at the bar. Mine will be the champagne!

Mrs P

X x x x x x x x x x x

If you are impressed with Mrs P's feat of abstinence you can donate a few quid to cancer research at

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