Saturday, 26 January 2013

It's a Vintage Life

Going to the Doctors is Never Fun

Yesterday I visited the doctor and had some unpleasant tests – I would tell you about it but to be frank it’s all very boring. I’m a little tired of having things wrong with me now but fingers crossed we’re reaching the crux of the matter. In the meantime I’ve got my lipstick to keep me going.

Afterwards I felt hungry – and a little low – but mainly hungry. I decided to spend some time again in my favourite tea shop (Truly Scrumptious in Maldon). Sometimes being alone is lovely. I’ve never been afraid of spending time by myself. I suppose it’s one of the benefits of being an only child.

I sat and had lunch tucked in a corner of the cafe and people watched. I find sometimes that taking some time to yourself leaves you feeling quite content. It works for me anyway. I can sit and pretend to be anyone – rather than the girl who was poked and prodded I can be a glamorous movie star rehearsing lines... or a rock star recovering from the night before.

But enough relaxing...

Today we’re playing a gig at the Orsett Hotel, Essex. I’ve decided to channel a bit of a 40’s vibe for the night. 

the posh hotel background is a bonus

One of my favourite things about vintage style is how flattering it is. The dresses know how to make the most of your shape without ever going too far. Nipped in waists create a beautiful silhouette, which for me is great for hiding my wobbly tum, and petticoats can help to disguise any excess weight on the bum or hips.

What I like about these clothes is that they’re all about accentuating the positive and making you feel feminine and gorgeous. They’re also quite widely available now – this dress was a sale bargain from M&Co!

The hair is also fairly easy to do. What I’ve done tonight is curl all my hair then tease it with a bristle brush. I’ve curled my fringe away from my face, back combed it a little and fixed it with a bobby pin.

A bit of red lippy and voila – you have a vintage look in no time!

Now back to waiting for our gig to finally start.... half past nine and I don’t think they’ve even started the raffle yet – Oh the Glamour! At least this time next week I'll finally be able to have a glass of wine!

Mrs P

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